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  1. WordAlert says:

    Thanks Deepak!
    😀 Hey! I heard you’re tearin it up at Mayo. 😀 a very belated congrats!!!
    hee hee ok back to work. 😦

  2. raviroshan says:

    Thanks for the kind words… I have another xanga site that I write about other general issues and my take on them.  I’d love to hear your opinion 🙂 
    The link is:

  3. raviroshan says:

    strugglin with school

  4. ninjastar says:

    I interviewed there.. the place is amazing. Maybe someday I’ll go there. =) Maybe.

  5. raviroshan says:

    I re-wrote the post as a story…

  6. Darmok says:

    Thanks WordAlert, and I’m glad you don’t mind my nerdy comments.Raviroshan, I’ve been enjoying reading your posts, and I’ve got both your blogs on my RSS reader now (and WordAlert’s and Ninjastar’s and the others’ too, actually). Keep it up!Ninjastar—ah, too bad, I didn’t know…forgive my poor hospitality!

  7. raviroshan says:

    Thanks for the comment.  Its crazy to think how much our environment is changing.  Did the article state if the changes were natural or due to our own negative influences to nature?  If you have the link to that article, I would love to read it.

  8. Darmok says:

    Yeah, I agree it’s nuts. I wrote more on your comments page.

  9. ninjastar says:

    Yup… my method has always been overtraining though. If I can run 7 miles and not feel ridiculously drained, 5 miles will be a breeze. =) Realistically, I don’t think I’ll be able to pull it off this year… but who knows! We’ll see… I’m moving fairly slow at the 10:00 min a mile pace right now. Oie.

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