Minimalist carnivorism

So today was day 2 of my “minimalist carnivorism” trial–thanks for the suggestion, Jux2p0ze. I suppose that’s better than using the term “vegetarian” anywhere in it since those who truly are vegetarians might be offended at my sloppy use of the term. I still haven’t decided if this is going to be a long-term thing for me; I may get tired of it soon. I’m also leaning more to the “loose” side of it; I think that if I’m in a situation where it’s not convenient to avoid meat (say at a friend’s house, or at home barbecuing or something), I’ll just eat whatever they have. Who knows, by the time such a situation arises, perhaps I’ll already have resumed eating meat.

I want this to be unobtrusive; ideally, people won’t even know that I’m doing this. You know, select meatless options when they’re available, but take meat if I’m in a situation where it’s the only or primary item, so as to not cause any commotion or anything. Except I failed that miserably today. Today at conference, I took some rice and corn but none of the turkey. My sub-I saw my plate when I sat down next to her and remarked “Oh, are you vegetarian?” I guess it was more obvious than I thought it would be, that the lack of meat was conspicuous (I also didn’t take any of the dessert, so there wasn’t that much variety on my plate). She probably also remembered me eating meat earlier this month.

Anyway I tried to quietly explain that I was trying to reduce the meat in my diet, but then my other friend sitting behind me overheard and demanded to know why I would do such a thing, so I had to explain the reasons to him, and then the other guy further down the row wanted to know how eating meat was connected to global warming, and my other friend across the aisle expressed shock that such a self-centered guy such as myself would “try to be a good person” and so all in all, I ended up making a minor scene. The problem with the program is that even though it’s relatively big, everyone knows everyone and everyone wants to know all the gossip about everyone else. Anyway, if I helped bring awareness of global warming to one or two people, then I’m happy, even if they all think I’m (more of) a freak now.

I must have been eating really unhealthfully before. Yesterday was day 1, and I also started working out yesterday. Today my weight was x + 8.6 pounds; I’m not sure why it dropped so much from the day before (x + 11.6 pounds). Probably because I ate an enormous dinner Sunday night. Tomorrow I’m on call; that’ll be a bit of a challenge.


3 thoughts on “Minimalist carnivorism

  1. Alithair says:

    i’ve noticed my weight sometimes fluctuates by similar amounts from day to day. sometimes i think it’s also whether or not you had a big BM before you weight yourself. i may join you… but it’ll have to wait until may because i want to be able to eat to my heart and stomach’s mutual delights when i’m overseas.

  2. Darmok says:

    Haha, I actually try to standardize measuring weight, for the reasons you mention: (if I weigh myself) I do it in the morning, right after waking up (and after voiding if necessary). That’s the best I can do to minimize fluctuations.
    Haha, well, I was x + 7.6 pounds this morning. So clearly my eating habits were quite poor before, though I have to admit I’m a bit worried my weight’s dropping this fast. I don’t really even care that much if I reach x pounds, I just want to be healthy. I’m on call tonight, and our attending’s taking us out to lunch tomorrow, so I’ll probably gain it back 🙂

  3. Jux2p0ze says:

    I imagine that there’s periods of times when I’m working out and dieting where I go from catabolic to anabolic state.  Quite honestly a lot of muscle and connective tissue start forming from nowhere :/
    Anyhoo, don’t worry about what others think, just keep on doing what you wanna do and the rest will fall into place.

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