Better Writing

As I struggle to find the perfect adjective for a blog entry (on my other, not-so-personal, blog), I begin to appreciate just how much my writing has improved through blogging.

Even if I don’t having anything interesting to say, at least my writing is improving.

My English teachers always did recommend keeping a journal for becoming a skilled writer. I think blogs can serve a similar purpose.


Live Music

Inspired by Jux2p0ze (warning: not safe for work), I felt compelled to seek out live music here in Rochester. A quick Internet search revealed that one of the Dunn Bros coffee shops in town has live music on Friday and Saturday evenings. I decided to stop by today; a young woman named Sarah Morris was playing and she was quite good. I had forgotten just how enjoyable live music can be. When she finished and they put recorded music back on in the background, I was amazed at how flat it seemed. I’ll have to stop by more often.