Better Writing

As I struggle to find the perfect adjective for a blog entry (on my other, not-so-personal, blog), I begin to appreciate just how much my writing has improved through blogging.

Even if I don’t having anything interesting to say, at least my writing is improving.

My English teachers always did recommend keeping a journal for becoming a skilled writer. I think blogs can serve a similar purpose.


5 thoughts on “Better Writing

  1. eriQTan says:

    i agree with you bud, keeping a blog does help improve your writing skills. I don’t know about a hand written journal though… i can’t edit it as neatly as i’d want to… =)

  2. Alithair says:

    what about david and janet? and ryan? there must be people for you to celebrate with in rochester. and while i do have friends from residency and a few outside the medical field out here, it’s still not the same as the UIC crew.

  3. Darmok says:

    Ah, no; I meant that even though you miss the days of celebrating with the UIC crew, at least you have other people to celebrate it with. I have no special desire to celebrate this mid-autumn festival—I only enjoyed it because of you all of course!

  4. Alithair says:

    that is true. i’m definitely glad i’m not alone out all of mayo’s food free? while we get dinner with our lecture wednesday afternoons and a continental-ish breakfast every morning, we’re on our own for the rest of our meals. some people scavenge; i bring my own lunch every day. i have to admit that i’m rather jealous of my best friend and my cousin who both work at google… they get free, good food every day for every meal.

  5. Darmok says:

    Food at our lunchtime conferences is free. We also get a generous debit card system for measls, so you can buy meals in the cafeteria.

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